Saturday, November 13, 2010

~~..::Mini album and RAK from Chandi::..~~

OMG!!.. I was given a wonderful RAK by an awesome Youtube friend!.. I can't believ she made this for me and that she actually thought about me to make it for me,lol.. I hope that didn't confuse anyone.. I'm just so excited .. and you could tell the excitement in the video.. I refused to redo that part, I was laughing at my ownself.. and I hope you can laugh along with me..

Thank you Chandi.. I loved every part of it.. adn I appreciate you for doing that for me!!

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks for watching and visiting everyone!



Shelley said...

Softbrn = This mini is AWESOME! The pumpkin page is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous mini, how much detail was in it!! really lovely. thanks for sharing :)
ps love the videos!!

Teen Queen said...

TFS. You gratitude and excitement is infectious. Lovely gift.

Diana said...

That mini is very pretty. I laughed as well. I can not do flowers either. You know how much we can save if we only knew how to make our own, lol. Thanks for sharing your Craft Life with us. God Bless.


Missie said...

Awesome job hun!

I just saw your post on my blog as well (about the calling cards) I'm sorry I somehow missed you in Dallas, but if you want to email me your address I can mail you one of my calling cards.

missieacafa at aol dot com

myapyapooh said...

Very beautiful mini album


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