Friday, April 18, 2008

Secretsister gifts!

This is my secret sister package for April.. I really loved this packaged.. I especially loved the card.. She makes wonderful cards and I hope to be able to make them as nice as this one day. I am really trying.


This is a RAK from Sparklegrl.. This was totally a shock!.. Unexpectant.. but I love it the same!!.. Thank you for the set of Chalks and the card.. The card was sooo awesome!!.. I love it...


This is one from **Snoflak**.. She sent me a set of chalks.. alphabet letters.. and some borders.. she also sent me a baggie full of mint chocolates and some flowers... they are soo pretty!..


This is a RAK received from AuntieTT.. I was sooo shocked to receive this!.. She knew my favorite color was brown and made me a checkbook cover!.. I've even replaced my Coach checkbook cover to use this one.. And most people know that nothing comes before Coach.. So you know this is special!!.. Thank you Theresa!!!


This is a rak that I received from BridgetL. she is such a wonderful young lady.. I love the card and all the beautiful inks, chalks, and bling she sent to me.. Was such a wonderful surprise!


These are RAKs I've received from MoniqueC. Also from the message board. She is a blast to post with and has a great sense of humor. I am glad that I have found a board of wonderful people to spend lots of time with talking and chatting about the same hobby that I love..


I'm a member on the site and I have made a lot of wonderful friends...The first one was from Raechase... She is an awesome person.. So much fun on the message board..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

~Simple card I made..~

A card I did quickly.. I think I'm getting better at them!.. I still don't think I'll be a stamper though, but I won't give up!.. I have a few cards I have in mind so hopefully within the next couple of days I can get them done and loaded up here.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This is the Target version of the Making Memories desktop carousel. I painted mine black because most of the furniture for my scraparea is black!.. I kinda messed up a little because some of the paint ran. I ended up giving it to my daughter for her things because I was just not happy withit... I'm thinking of getting the Making Memories embellishment center and spray painting it black to go along with my other items... I also might go ahead and get the Making Memories carousel and paint it black too!..lmao..

~Sweet Lady~

This is my latest creation. It was done for challenge 7 on . I enjoy the challenges there because it helps me use the stash I have instead of buying new things because I love to shop.

Here is a photo of my half-way done scrap area. I use my bedroom for scrapping as I live in an apartment and have limited room. It works out nice for the most part because I look at everything I have everyday. I am currently organizing as best as possible, but it is hard having a bed in here too. I do a little and then get the urge to lie down!.. I have been thinking of turning my living room into my scrap area because we don't sit in there and I get no visitors..

~Contrats to you!~

Here is a card I did in challenge 8 on in honor of my daughter graduating high school..


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