Sunday, April 10, 2011

~~..::My Cricut Circle Calling Cards::..~~

Wow... you guys.. I know it has been a long while since I posted on my blog.. Things just haven't been right.. Thank you to all of my followers that stuck in there and haven't left me... I'm going to do better..

I want to share with you guys my calling cards for the Cricut Circle.. this is my 3rd time swapping them.. I first swapped on the Cricut message board.. then i exchanged a good bit of them at the Dallas Stampede in Texas.. now I'm in another swap on the Cricut message board...

These are my calling cards:

But I have a little bit of a problem.. I'm sure you can tell that some of those cards have different colors, right?.. Well that's because I ran out of some of the cardstock and had to substitute another color that I had in my stash... So I set out to find some card stock at my local JoAnn or Michaels. I figure if I get it locally I could always be able to get some in a pinch if I ever ran out.. Most of the paper I owned was by Stampin' Up! and since I'm not a demonstrator anymore I don't buy a whole bunch any more..

My first stop was Michaels.. I bought some of their Reollections brand cardstock.. Bam!.. I loved the way it cut in the Imagine, as that is where I first started cutting my cards... But went back to Michaels and they do not sell packs of one color.. I thought dang!!.. Now what am I going to do.. If I bought those multi-color packs I'm going to end up with a slew of colors I don't need..

This is what the Recollections paper look like:

I was buying it just for the Olive colored paper...

Off to JoAnn.. thought I would check out their Paper Company paper... OMG!!.. That paper ripped all over the place.. when I pulled it out of the pack I should have known because the paper is so thin..

This is what that paper looks like:

and this is how it ended up after my cricut got a hold of it:

This is how much paper I bought thinking I would be able to use these for my calling cards, but guess it will all go back to JoAnn tomorrow.. receipts ready on top:

I really wish there was a way to try paper out in the cricut before we actually bought it.. It would save so much heartache and time!!..

Thanks for stopping by you guys.. Will post again soon!



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