Saturday, June 20, 2009

~~..::Halloween Card::..~~

Thanks for watching.. please leave me comments,lol...


Friday, June 12, 2009

~~..::Whhooooo Moi??::..~~

I've been awarded the Kreative blogger award!.. Who Moi??.. I never really considered myself to be creative.. just fortunate... I love scrapbooking and everything about it.. What got me started on scrapbooking was taking pictures.. I'm a mother of 4 children, who really aren't children anymore.. and I wanted to start preserving the memories of them.. If I had known what I know now about picture taking and scrapbooking I would have started a long time ago.. Oh how theose years are gone!.. Today, I try and take as many pictures as possible.. trying to be as creative as I can be!

Thank you Chocolate Drop.. Drop on by her blog and check out what she is up to!


~~..::Another blog award::..~~

Myra.. you are the bomb!!.. Thank you so much for this award.. Like before. I'm glad that I know how to retreive them and can show my gratitude.. This is so freaking awesome.. I have a big kool-aid smile right now if you guys can see me.. Hope on over to Myra's blog... Maganda Memories.. and check out the awesome things she's up to!


Thank you Myra!

~~..::You all have to forgive me::..~~

You all have to forgive me for taking my sweet little ole time to claim my award.. I'm just so in shock that I've received the.. Shhhh!!.. This is actually my third one.. I've just learned how to retrieve them,lol...

Thank you Devon.. Paper is my passion.. I really appreciate this awards.. Makes me believe that someone is paying some kind of attention to me.. haha!!

Thank you again...



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