Sunday, July 27, 2008

~~..:The scrapbedroom/closet:..~~

Most of you have seen my video on how I've utilized my bedroom/closet as my scrap room.. I've taken a few pictures to show those of you that could not view the video. I've thought of redo-ing the video, but the second time around isn't like the first. I kept remembering things I didn't say in the first video and then I would remember things I didn't say in the second one. So the best thing for me to do I think is to post pictures..


okie_ladybug said...


tara said...

you have alot of great stuff~~and you really know how to utilize a small space :)
LOVE all the ribbon

ShellBell said...

Great stuff. You really do know how to utilize a small space. I need to learn a little somethin from you. Great blog. I will visit more often.

MissouriScrapper said...

WOW can i

I have nominated you for the brillant blog award please check out my site for information about the award and to add the award to your site
The reason i have nominated your site is cause your site gives me and many other scrapbookers and card makers alot of ideas and i like the fact that you love your
bugs as much as i love my baby bugs
Hugs Donna

linda said...

I love your space , it's cozy!!! I love cozy !!
I enjoyed the video , can't believe the amount of cricut cartridges !!! I live in Europe and they cost a lot over here !
I like hearing all the names of the stores where you bought stuff...I've got some websites to look at now !
enjoy your day !

Marion said...

You've got a lot of stuff, I think you may need a bigger room!

BrandiLynn-uh-ohmommys*addicted said...

wow jelious of all your stuff *drool*

you have been tagged see my blog for details

MaryNSC said...

I ENJOYED that VIDEO!! That was FUN!! I got some good tips too.. I have never seen those tip things from Joanns I will start looking We shop at all the same stores too..LOLOLOL

ChrissyM said...

I watch the video of your scrapbook room and boy you are organized girl!!!

I had a question I've been thinking about getting a picture printer like the one you have. Are you happy with it? what kind do you have? I was looking at the ink for them in Walmart and the ink is cheap. Let me know thanks.

Enfys said...

Golly gosh, how fantastic, and you are sooo organised.

diana*bugalicious said...

WOW! you have a lot of great stuff... and it's so well organized!


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